What to Expect From Your New BFF

“A small donation will feed a pet"

Dog Food

Puppy & Adult

Pet Supplies Wish List

A friendly greeting.

Your new pet will always meet you with excitement.


Tons of smooches.

Your new BFF will make sure you get tons of smooches.


A loyal furry companion.

Your furry companion will always be by your side whether your having a good or bad day.

Office Supplies

Standard Supplies

Cat Food

Kitten & Adult

General Supplies

Cleaners for Shelter

Cat Supplies

Kitten & Adult

Dog Supplies

Puppy & Adult

Monetary donations are always needed and most appreciated, but these are items we use every day and would help us cut down on our daily costs:

Ship to or Drop off Donations at the Shelter:
3881 W. M-55, Tawas City, MI 48763

For further information, or large donations of any of these items please contact the Shelter.

(989) 362-3170